With Infian
Healthcare and
IT Clients remain…
infinitely informed

Infian provides
advanced technology
strategies like BYOD
to keep you working—
and saving.

Infian’s TIME™ System
offers time-tested
clinical and financial

Protect your valuable
assets with Infian’s
Network Security,
Physical Security
and Monitoring.

With Infian’s Revenue Cycle
Management, medical billing
is smooth sailing.


Infian™ is a leading provider of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Billing Services and Software for the healthcare industry and a trusted information technology provider and systems integrator that specializes in security, advanced technologies, wireless solutions and more. Infian ensures that all of your information and technology is secure, accessible, fully supported and ultimately improves the services or care you provide.


With virtualization of your networks, applications, desktops and servers, Infian employs holistic strategies to future-proof your IT investments.


Infian offers an Online Store for our registered users to research and procure over one million products from our participating vendors. Just contact us to register.

The Buzz
FROM NRAA: Announcing a notice from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid...

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