• What does TIME mean?

    Sometimes we’re asked what does TIME mean. No, we’re not being asked a philosophical question about life and living! We are being asked about Infian’s market leading TIMETM System – often called the Infian EMR for dialysis. TIME is an acronym for Total Information for Managing Effectively. This acronym effectively captures our goal and our vision for what our system can and will achieve. This vision helps drive the entire Infian team to continuously improve the TIME System with have high expectations of delivering comprehensive information to our clients who need it to make the best decisions possible for complex patients. It’s this vision that keeps our system moving the line closer towards the ultimate goal: total information.

    Development of the TIME System began in the late 1980s which pre-dates the popular use of the internet. At the time, branding didn’t envision Google and the importance of search engines. The TIME acronym captured the meaning of our intent. For the current marketing environment, this is less the case.  A generic name, such as TIME, can get lost with other products and industries — TIME magazine has a TIME Mobile application, there are time-keeping applications with similar names, there are clock applications with TIME in the name, etc. In the weeks and months ahead you will hear more from us as we work to bring a higher branding profile to the TIME System – on the web, on social media, and directly to you.

    The TIME System is a mission-critical application for our clients. We understand that our clients spend more time in TIME than probably any other application. In the renal industry, we believe the TIME System is the best, most comprehensive integrated clinical and financial patient management system available today. Further, we believe the TIME System can be the foundation for other chronic disease management (CDM) areas making it synonymous with the leading renal system and eventually with the leading CDM system!! This blog post is a start…