TIME Mobile

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Patient Care from Anywhere

With TIME Mobile, you can use your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Android tablet anywhere to quickly handle most clinical patient management needs. Respond faster to patient needs and stay in touch, even if you are not at the office or dialysis center. each member of the care team keeps informed across the continuum of care, so each is ready to act at the Point-of-Need with complete information.

The goal of TIME Mobile is to be considered an indispensable tool for completing routine clinical tasks in seconds.

Intuitively Easy to Use

Infian’s team of developers, testers, and subject matter experts worked closely with various clients to develop TIME Mobile to be highly usable and quick to use.

Many Benefits of TIME Mobile

  • Real-time Point-of-Care info at Point-of-Need
    • Improve medical decisions and quality of care
    • Increased span of communication among the care team
  • Closes the communication loop among the care team for continuity of care
  • Saves time, improves care
    • E-prescribing, medication interactions, and refill authorization
  • Compliance part of the workflow