Everyone Wins With New Electronic Prescription Technology From Infian

Physician Advantage:

Save Money:

  • Lock in Meaningful Use and MIPPA incentives and eliminate potential for penalties
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • May lower malpractice insurance premiums

Save Time:

  • Quicker prescriptions and access to patient information
  • One-click refills
  • Less time on callbacks with pharmacies and patients

Better Care:

  • Fewer errors due to legibility
  • Allergy and drug interaction alerts
  • Identify better drugs and gaps in care

Patient Advantage:

Save Money:

  • Identifies lower costing, health plan-approved alternatives

Save Time:

  • Prescriptions instantly ordered and quickly prepared
  • Easy refill

Better Care:

  • Fewer errors, reduced allergic reactions and drug interactions
  • More likely to adhere to prescription care plan

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Infian’s e-Prescribe Technology is Easily the Best

With the integration of DrFirst’s Rcopia e-prescribing technology:

  • TIME™ users can easily submit secure electronic prescriptions to most any retail or mail-order pharmacy.
  • DrFirst’s eRx system is directly integrated into the TIME System for a seamless experience.
  • Access the most up-to-date and accurate information possible during the prescribing process.
  • Infian is one of the first integrated dialysis EHRs to offer this service.
  • Easy sign up and registration.

DrFirst has the most and best features including:

  • Surescripts network—most pharmacy and mail order relationships
  • One-click refills
  • Medication reconciliation with your patients’ other doctors
  • Checks for potentially harmful drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions
  • Patient education information available and directly integrated

Quick facts:

  • A study by MGMA’s Group Practice Research Networkestimated that the time spent managing unnecessary administrative complications related to prescriptions is estimated at $15,700 annually for each full time physician
  • Findings indicate a 15% increase in patient compliancewith electronic prescriptions, according to MGMA andSureScripts reports
  • Infian’s TIME™ e-prescribing solution meets CMS requirements as a designated, qualified e-prescribing system
  • Our industry-leading EHR, the TIME System is even more functional and valuable now. Ask us how easy it is to register and prescribe electronically today.

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