EHR and Billing Software & Services for Dialysis

TIME™ System–Unified Electronic Health Records

We provide superior software because we understand how important your work is. You need to focus on what really matters: your patients. Billing and data collection should be the last thing on your mind, which is why we handle everything, like dialysis EHR, dialysis EMR, and dialysis billing.

The following is just a sample of what you can expect from our software:

  • We will capture and track all clinical data using Software Mediated Workflow.
  • Make it easy for you and the entire establishment to do the right thing, the first time.
  • Seamlessly weave your system with effective Financial Software that will assure accurate as well as timely billing–every time.
  • You can expect chairside charting.
  • Your time will be easily allocated, and the flow of information will increase to improve care.
  • Money will be saved, and your revenue should increase due to the better care plans and improved revenue collection.

What Our Software Can Provide

There is no doubt that the medical environment can be stressful. It is hard for clinicians to focus on their job, which is caring for patients. The TIME™ System is a dialysis billing software that was made to help overworked clinicians. This software will help with care plans for management, tracking, billing, and any follow up. Our system works as ordered. This was done to force employees to follow every step, which helps keep the integrity of the system regarding procedure and policies. The system also makes you aware of changes based on the highly specialized fields.

Our TIME™ System helps make the best clinical decisions. Our system achieves this by pulling data from all pertinent resources. Of course, this will include data from all possible locations like the dialysis machines and other clinical offices. This is necessary to give medical professionals a complete medical record of the patient. This system’s approach is completely comprehensive to a patient’s overall health. There is no doubt that the TIME™ System has evolved passed a normal EMR or EHR.

The Electronic Health Record or EHR allows medical professionals to capture, track, and analyze all clinical and billing data. Infian’s TIME™ System seeks to get it right the first time. Keep in mind that our system was one of the first to offer chair-side charting and order driven care. This was a first that helped many medical professionals in ways they did not think was possible. Yes, the clinician definitely benefits from using the TIME™ System, but the patient does as well with the timely delivery of the intended clinical pathways.

Make the Right Thing the Easy Thing To Do

The TIME™ System was made to make clinical duties easier; it helps with data collection, orders, and decision making. The platform is order driven and comes with real-time access and documentation. Of course, the documentation is by exception. The TIME™ System will make sure that what was ordered is delivered, or it will document the exact reason why the order was not completed. What Infian does for the clients is automate the most important data using its complex but effective tools that include interfaces, smart codes, and alerts.

Dealing With the Obvious Outsourcing Issue

Our system is automated, meaning that you can cut the possibility of hiring a service that might outsource the billing to ill-trained workers. What one should understand is profits can make some companies do unscrupulous things to grow their profit margins. You know that the cost of dialysis is rising. This means that some companies can charge more by promising expert billers. Some even have employees who seem qualified, but at the end, those qualified billers are just for show since the work is passed on to billers outside of the country.

You might have to deal with a lot of drawbacks if you hire a company that does not use an automated system. One issue is using the incorrect billing coding or incorrect terminology. These two errors could make it hard for the company hired to make a successful appeal to a denied claim. You should remember that the number of claims that are denied is substantial, and inexperienced medical billers will make it hard to appeal and get the money you deserve.

Another thing that you have to worry about is insurance companies. Every insurance company is looking to save a buck and will exploit any terminology or coding misuse.

Information: When, Where, and How You Need It

The TIME™ System (also known as Total Information for Managing Effectively) delivers complete data in a way that our clients need at all times. This is not something that happened overnight since our system uses eons to make sure it delivers what it promises. The intelligent work-flow, alerts, effective data reports and easy-to-navigate screen layouts all add just enough to deliver what is needed. The information comes in an easy-to-understand graphical layout to make medical connections as organized as possible. TIME Mobile, as one might have guessed, uses a mobile platform that can be accessed and navigated at all times to help you care for your patient whenever the need comes up.

Good Dialysis Billing Under the Microscope

One, especially important, performance that most medical billing services fail to provide is an efficient ability to track underpayments. This failure has cost many medical centers a two digit loss in profits. That is a huge loss that you will not have to worry about with our system since we pay special attention to tracking and underpayment collection.

The information we provide to patients is clear. This is an important factor that we pay extra attention to because many patients complain that they do not understand their medical billings, especially something as complicated as dialysis billing. What should be kept in mind is that our goal is to over-simplify these types of bills so that they are understood by all patients. A patient who understands his or her billing is less likely to cause a frenzy over his or her bill.

One of the areas that we tend to concentrate on is EOBs, though that is simply one area. What we are attempting to do, and have done successfully in the past, is reduce the amount of patients who are upset or confused about a particular bill. Patients who are upset or confused tend to be difficult and are a lot harder to collect from. Lowering confusion in the billing phase should increase your flow of easy collecting, which is the ultimate goal.

Medical Billing Errors Will Be Reduced

Our state-of-the-art system can do wonders for a medical center, or facility, in more ways than you can imagine. One of the issues that many medical centers have to deal with is an insurmountable amount of errors, most of which go unnoticed and can be costly. Duplicate information or lost information is one of the issues that hospitals or centers have to deal with because they have not updated to storing information digitally. This means that your employees might have to waste time making copies, searching for information that should have been stored already, or an employee may even have to call a patient to retrieve information.

Another area that some hospitals have a problem with is insufficient information. This can come from any source like a nurse, doctor, or an examiner. Our system is built with several template forms and prompts that ask the right questions to ensure that every question asked is the correct one. We want to ensure that a patient’s medical record is complete, legible, and researchable at all times.

Storage is Greatly Improved

Data stored in digital form means that it is accessible through more than one portal. Data sharing and transferring will not take as long as it once did with our system. What you should remember is that we are attempting to help you move to a system of the future. You will be storing data on cloud servers that are allocated for your needs, which could be accessed on virtually any platform. Cloud servers will help your software run smoother because your systems will not be burdened down with data. Keep in mind that data uses up the Gigabytes on the computer, making it harder for the computer to work at optimal levels. This means crashes, sluggish performance, and other similar issues. This might happen often unless you switch to a system like ours.

It should also be noted that those who are finally switching to digital data storage will also be opening up a lot more space. This space could be used to open up a new patient room or two, which will help you see more patients throughout the day. Of course, going paperless as much as possible will allow your care center to be more green. Patients and customers, especially younger ones, have been noted to prefer businesses that are attempting to go green. These younger customers are prepared to pay a little more if a business is taking steps to be green as opposed to a business that is not. This is one way to attract new patients, and you can even consider charging a little more for some of your services.

Do not forget that going paperless also means less filing, meaning your employees can focus on other tasks.

Delays are Dealt With

Another issue that you may deal with is delayed payments. This is actually a common problem that could be fixed with a system that takes organization as seriously as ours does. We make it a goal to ensure that you are doubling or tripling your funds as quickly as possible by facilitating payments online, which are deposited a lot faster than any other option. Ensuring that more funds are available means that you are going to have the opportunity to make decisions a lot faster regarding equipment or updates to your systems or facility. This will make you a more efficient care center for your employees and your patients.

Of course, we do take precautions and ensure that every transaction is stored in a safe way, not to mention the use of external data drives like the ones mentioned earlier.

Improving Outcomes

The TIME™ System allows dialysis clinicians to have more time with patients and better information for improved care. You should understand that the kind of information you are going to have access to is personalized to the patient in accordance to the data entered in our systems as well as our detailed algorithms.

The Maestro™ Notes is an essential tool that helps collect all clinical records to complete a comprehensive and total care plan for each patient. Your team of care employees will be equipped with the right tools to work as cohesively as they should. This will make it a lot easier to ensure that every patient gets the same information across the board. One of the issues that many patients have with some of the care centers they visit is they get conflicting information from different representatives of the center. This is a problem that our system should eliminate.

Understand that our system is also apt to create actionable items that are acted on to deliver the care that is intended at all times. These prompts should help improve care through efficiency. Time will be used better, so you are getting more for your money.

Additionally, compliance from patients and from clinicians is made simple by using our system. The system of alerts and ticklers requiring follow up without even mentioning the intelligent application design is enough to ensure the simplicity that we sought out to provide our clients. All of these features have been successful in improving outcomes for our clients, and we want you to enjoy these improvements as well. Contact us to learn more and to arrange a demonstration.

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