• Infian Provides Financial Relief For Facilities Under Pressure With Easy Transition To TIME Dialysis Billing And EHR Software.

    Feb. 25, 2014- Infian, a leading provider of the TIMETM integrated billing and EHR system for the renal industry, today announces easy transition services for dialysis facilities investigating new solutions.

    There are several conditions putting financial pressure on dialysis facilities nationwide. CMS announced reductions to reimbursements and began phasing those in 2014. HIPAA changes have required dialysis centers and physician offices to invest in security and IT upgrades or risk penalties. And recently a major billing software system provider significantly raised the price for 2014 renewal for its current clients.

    Infian has responded by continuing to offer high functioning billing software integrated with its ONC certified EHR system at as low a price as possible, and by offering an easy and transparent transition process for facilities planning to make a switch. “Our clients know that Infian has always offered fair pricing and trusted advice.” says Infian CEO Beth Evans. “Our mission is to ensure that our clients save money, meet federal requirements and most importantly, provide the highest level of patient care.”

    To guarantee a smooth and easy transition, Infian has outlined several services that minimize any pain from switching from a current billing software provider:

    1. Infian offers to run out old A/R for six months to avoid future software costs with the current billing system provider.
    2. Infian’s proven revenue management services division can provide billing services for current receivables to initiate future billing operations.
    3. Clinical training videos and an easy-to-use system will help the facility’s multidisciplinary team lower rollout costs for the EHR.
    4. Infian’s in-house, certified IT services division offers an array of services to ensure an environment that is fast and always available. Infian also offers full IT security assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities.

    For more information contact David Kyle, Director of Healthcare Sales at Infian, at 804-934-9370 x134 or dkyle@infian.com.


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    Infian, formerly Health Informatics Intl. or HII, is the leading provider of renal Electronic Health Records, medical billing services, & billing software. Infian‘s TIMETM System is an ONC Certified EHR Technology for Eligible Providers as a Complete EHR. Infian ensures your medical and billing data is secure, accessible, & ultimately improves the care you provide. Infian has been serving the renal industry for over 25 years. Please visit http://infian.com/who-we-are/about/ for more details about Infian.