• INFIAN Cloud for HIPAA compliant Hosting

    Infian Cloud Solutions for the TIMETM EMR System


    The IT industry guidelines for computing resource replacement is from 3 to no more than 5 years. After five years the reliability and performance of the equipment put organizations at risk for user dissatisfaction with IT systems and more critically for disaster recovery (DR) scenarios. Execution of DR means that potentially piece-meal recovery impact the already heavily tasked resources to crisis mode. The key to successfully accomplishing disaster recovery is largely dependent upon the availability and skill of the organization’s IT staffing. Further compounding this concern is that the IT staff have other mission critical assignments which will become lower priority and thus may find the organization at serious competitive and operational jeopardy.

    To alleviate reliability and performance issues, Infian offers Infian Cloud for HIPAA compliant hosting of the TIME System in a world-class Peak 10 data center. Peak 10 is HIPAA/HITECH certified as well as an SOC 1 (SSAE 18), SOC 2, and SOC 3 certified data center.

    Data Growth

    Today’s IT infrastructure has significant pressures from exponential data growth. The healthcare data growth  alone is projected to increase 48% per year for healthcare-related data. Further substantiating this projection and the explosive growth is a statistic from the 2016 IBM Marketing Cloud that states for 2017, 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years alone. The ability of healthcare organizations to maintain a responsive data center is increasingly challenging.

    Data Security

    Information and data security is a critical business goal for healthcare organizations. Healthcare data is valuable. Substantial damages occur from loss by theft or accident. With the recent significant data growth, healthcare organizations are an even larger target for both data theft and ransomware attacks. As such, meeting regulatory requirements including for HIPAA, HITECH, data encryption, and disaster recovery, will become vital. Infian Cloud meets these data security standards and partners with a data center company that understands and meets these requirements and others, including SOC 1 (SSAE 18), SOC 2, and SOC 3.  Each client’s environment is logically isolated in an encrypted and secure environment. Data is end to end encrypted to assure no disclosure of PHI. Issues of data privacy, security, and regulatory compliance make the right balance between data security and cloud functionality paramount.

    Why Infian Cloud


    Our clients’ costs shift to an operational expense which requires pay as you go versus one-time costs. The expenses are Operational expenses versus Capital expenses. Many of the costs associated with Infian Cloud, in effect, split the costs across the respective clients thus reducing the overall costs given that the full cost would have to be solely provided by any organization which would have the same or similar service on premise. Infian keeps your hardware up to date so you no longer need to budget for resource replacement. In short, predictable operating expenses replace much larger up front capital expenditures.


    The hosting site has an overall excess capacity which is readily provided as needed when needed. Specifically the addition of disk storage space can be added without any addition of hardware or down time. The addition of computing power and dynamic memory can be added for any specific cloud client with a simple – nearly instantaneous reboot of the attached processors in support of the client.


    The separate segregated data can be added, merged, or deleted as the needs of the hosted clients demand. New and advanced monitoring and tighter security can be applied or relieved depending upon the demands of the hosted clients. Flexible payment agreements may enable clients to optimize the financing to meet individual needs.

    Efficient use of Resources

    With Infian Cloud, clients benefit from more efficient and effective use of resources that can be employed again as a result of spreading the needs across multiple hosted clients. Our clients benefit from these efficiencies since they will not be required to have them as full time staff.

    Improved Interoperability

    Integration and interoperability are especially enhanced with known working interfaces to the Renal CROWNWeb Health Information Exchange (HIE) and others.

    Disaster Recovery

    DR becomes far more cost effective with the best availability for cost-effective off-site backup, data replication, and rapid optimum recovery time in the event of a disaster. Downtime is not an option where patients’ lives depend on access to systems and data. Healthcare requires real-time access to the growing volume and variety of critical data needed when needed.


    Data is backed up and replicated properly to enable rapid recoverability when an error occurs while ensuring data security and HIPAA compliance. This backup service is part of the Infian Cloud service.

    Always On and Always Available – Portability

    The nephrologist is mobile and needs patient data anywhere and anytime and often to address previously un-posed questions. The TIME Mobile capability (which requires an included web server) provides specific patient information to equip the solution to meet patient care management. In addition the TIME Dashboards provide the information to drill down and manage specific facilities and/or modalities. Thus, the doctor with an Apple or Android smart phone or notebook will be empowered with the information needed in an extremely easy to use capability.

    Infian Cloud Hosting Equipment & Software

    The Infian Cloud Hosting solution provides HIPAA-compliant hosting of the TIME System with 24×7 hardware support. The solution includes significant equipment and licensing necessary for a secure, robust, scalable, and regulatory-compliant system including the following:

    Data Center equipment in Infian Cloud

    • Production Server(s)
    • Backup Server(s)
    • Replication Server(s)
    • Web Server(s)
    • Archival server(s)
    • Managed Power Strips
    • Backup generators with triple redundant, filtered power
    • Palo Alto Next-Generation Firewalls
    • Networking/communications equipment

    Software licensing for Infian Cloud

    • Back up (Altero)
    • MS Server O/S database servers
    • Anti-virus (McAfee)
    • Windows TS/RD Licensing (Microsoft)
    • Database Replication (Progress)
    • Database Encryption (Progress)

    We are excited about the possibilities for our current and future clients with our Infian Cloud hosting solution. Want to learn more? Call us at 800-787-9510 and ask to speak to sales or email us at marketing@infian.com.