• April 2017 Infian Newsletter

    April 28th, 2017 : By steve

    Newsletter Table of Contents

    Introducing the Infian Informer

    From Beth Evans, Infian CEO

    I am excited to be able to introduce the Infian Informer! The Infian Informer is a new training and educational platform. It’s designed to provide you regular training and educational materials delivered through multiple channels to all Infian clients and to the Infian team.

    This quarterly newsletter is just one of the Infian Informer delivery channels. It will highlight industry news, product information, and Infian company news to help you and the Infian team be better informed.

    Another delivery channel of the Infian Informer will be live webinars with a published schedule of topics. Each topic webinar will be posted to the Infian.com client portal for your continued usage. Initially, we will target one webinar per month. There will also be email communications as appropriate to complement and enhance the educational objectives. And finally, there will be recorded videos and past content all available anytime on the www.infian.com client portal.

    We have posted the prioritized list of topics below. In some instances, the topic will be covered by an email communication. The first Infian Informer event will be the Service Pack 28 Overview webinar (invites already sent) on May 3 at 11AM EST followed by the Clinical Dashboards webinar on May 18th at 11AM EST (invites to be sent on May 4th).

    We are very excited about the potential of the Infian Informer as a multichannel platform to educate and expand the use of the TIME System both externally and internally. Please keep us informed at Infian with your feedback and ideas. We welcome them!


    Beth Evans



    Infian Informer – Prioritized List of Topics

    1. Service Pack Overview (W) – Service Packs webinars will always prioritize higher
    2. Regulatory Changes
    3. Clinical Dashboards Overview
    4. Financial Dashboards Overview
    5. Infection Control Process
    6. Insurance Policy Maintenance
    7. QAPI Reports
    8. CROWNWeb Reporting
    9. How clients can manage Clinical applications/processes to better assure financial outcomes (W)
    10. Alerts and notification addressing process – how they can help (W)
    11. Reports (W) including QIP documentation (W)
    12. Home Dialysis Service Charting (W)
    13. Patient Lists (W)
    14. Financial Alerts (W and client portal)
    15. Assessment and Care Plan Alert (W)
    16. Lab Results Interface (W) – Translation table, Skip table, HII Laberr group
    17. Transaction Batch Management (W)
    18. TIME Mobile


    Infian Out and About

    In the “Infian Out and About” part of the newsletter, we will tell you where, outside of our office, Infian staff can be found or where we have been. Information will be included to let you know about upcoming conferences where we will be exhibiting or attending. We will also notify you of any ongoing educational opportunities with Infian is involved, such as the local ANNA chapter meetings and education sessions we have attended (and hosted!) in the past. We hope that by keeping you informed that you will meet up with us when we are Out and About!


    Infian will be attending the NRAA Spring Meeting and Day on the Hill in Washington DC. David Kyle and Sue Rittenhouse and possibly a few others from Infian will be attending the Spring Meeting on May 24th. This meeting always has great information about policy and regulatory changes. If you see us at this show, please stop us to say hello or introduce yourself.

    Infian attended the Renal Physician Association (RPA) Annual Meeting in Nashville in March. David Kyle, Jerry Spears, and Sue Rittenhouse attended the talks and toured the exhibit halls. The RPA Annual Meeting talks were very informative. We came up with some new ideas for new dashboards based on some of the information provided in the presentations.

    Infian exhibited at several conferences in the Spring including the American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) National Symposium in April in Washington DC, the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Spring Clinical Meetings in Orlando, and several CMS Network shows. Sometimes at these shows we are able to attend the educational sessions in between exhibit times to keep up with the latest trends and learn new ideas. We benefit from these shows through meeting new leads for future TIME System clients and through meeting with you, our existing clients. We thoroughly enjoy catching up with our clients/friends. Below are a couple of pictures of David Kyle and Sue Rittenhouse meeting with clients at our booth.

    Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see where we are and to keep in touch!

    David Kyle and Sue Rittenhouse meet with Deb Buffington and Claire Taylor-Schiller from Rice Memorial Hospital

    David Kyle caught up with Etoile Frazier Patrick & Mary Alice Luckett from University of Mississippi Medical Center


    Welcome to Newest Member of Infian

    Jerry Spears Joins Infian

    We are excited to welcome the newest member to the Infian Family, Jerry Spears. Jerry is a Registered Nurse, Certified Hemodialysis Nurse with 29+ years’ experience in surgical critical care, cardiac critical care, emergency department, and outpatient dialysis settings. Jerry and her family moved from Georgia to Tennessee and luckily she joined our team! She has used the TIME system for over 12 years and has been an active member of the Infian User Steering Committee. Jerry will work as a Project Leader within the Training and Education department. We are very excited to have her knowledge and expertise as both a nurse and experienced TIME user. Her first day with Infian was Monday, March 20th. Welcome Jerry!


    Service Pack Summary

    SP28 & SP29

    Infian is pleased to announce the release of TIME V7.2 Service Pack 28.  SP 28 is a relatively minor release on the clinical side of TIME, with enhancements to the Clinical Dashboards based upon client feedback, the addition of five new transplant status codes, and a new Crystal Report to display the signatures on Dialysis orders.

    On the financial side of TIME, the release is more substantial, with enhancements to the Financial Dashboards based upon client feedback, modifications to Electronic Remittance to better manage claims returned as unpaid by the insurers and a new Step 2 remittance report to display denials.  In addition, we’ve provide a new mechanism to replace Reflections and allow for the direct transmission of claims from TIME (instead of having to manually upload via a portal).

    Work continues on Service Pack 29, slated for release in Summer 2017.  Some of the main initiatives in SP 29 include:

    • Clinical
      • TIME Mobile – In-center Medication Ordering
      • NxStage Machine Interface
      • Dialysis Orders enhanced to be NxStage-aware
    • Financial
      • Ability to submit batch insurance for individual patients or individual insurers
      • More automated handling of outlier payments
      • The ability to send Insurance Eligibility requests and receive responses directly from TIME
        • NOTE: As this requires the configuration of a new interface, there will likely be a separate charge for implementation and support.

    DISCLAIMER:  As with all ongoing and upcoming development, Infian reserves the right to change its priorities based upon emergent Infian, client, and regulatory needs (meaning “the above is what we are currently doing or plan on doing, but if something notable occurs in the next couple months, we may deliver a different set of functionality for SP 29”)

    In addition, Infian will be submitting SP 29 for ONC 2015 Certification for a limited set of modules.  These modules are geared to support MU3 reporting for how physicians are currently using TIME to support their MU reporting.  Subsequent releases of TIME will be certified on additional modules.

    One final note, Infian will likely be changing the version naming scheme of TIME starting with the release after SP 29.  This new naming scheme (yet to be determined) will be more aligned with industry norms.


    Did You Know…

    Did you know that you can add missed treatment follow up documentation on the Absence History Screen?

    To do so, you will need to add applicable Missed Treatment Follow up codes via the Additional Codes (Main Menu/ Codes/ Transaction Codes/ Additional Codes/ Code Type = MT.

    To add missed treatment, follow up documentation you will need to do the following once the new codes have been added to your database:

    • Access the Absence History Screen,
    • Click Add
    • Select Absence radio button
    • Check the applicable missed treatment option

    For more information regarding this feature login to the Infian Client Portal and checkout Appendix C of the Service Pack 25 release notes!


    Infian Informer Webinars

    Upcoming Training Topics

    We hope you can join us for the following training sessions:

    • Service Pack (SP) 28 Overview Webinar on May 3rd at 11AM EST.
    • Clinical Dashboards Overview Webinar on May 18th at 11AM EST.

    Be on the lookout out for registration details two weeks prior to each training date.